A Peak at the 1.111B Class

Generation XYZ, the provider of the TLD .xyz, offers a promotion for a class of .xyz domains. For $0.99 a year, you can register any .xyz domain inbetween 000000.xyz through 999999999.xyz. They call it: 1.111B class.

They list some suggested uses on what to use these domains for:

… Internet of Things device connectivity, vanity identification, digital currencies, and any other creative uses…

The entire 1.111B class has 1,111,000,000 domains (1.111B domains). It wasn’t feasible to scan over a billion addresses. But, it was to scan the first 5 million or so. Of the 5 million scanned, I found that just over 50,000 were registered and had DNS records. I present (what I think is) a cool map you can explore of registed domains.

Use shift + click to pan and mousewheel to zoom. Zoom in and click on a pixel to view more information. Details are displayed at the bottom of the screen!

Each pixel represents a domain. They’re grouped by hosts. If two domains share the same hosts, they share the same color. Happy exploring!

A lot of these links are porn and are NSFW!

This data is most likely out-dated as of posting this as I completed the scanning earlier this year. The complete dataset is available for download: simply inspect this page’s network traffic to get the file. If you’re an administrator to any of these sites I would highly recommend you remove test or dev machines you don’t want hacked.

by will meyers